About - Terri L. Moore

Terri Moore lives and works in an old school house in the Hudson Valley, N.Y.   Inspired by nature, Climate Change, ice, shifting landscape , and anthropological textures;  she works in oil, graphite, charcoal and watercolor.

Horizon Line

​This series  is about the conscious and the subconscious,  yin and yang, micro and macro imagery and how they interact with each other.   It’s about the concept of positive and negative, what’s above and what’s below.  Split horizons inspired by ice and sky, water, and weather.

Fine Artist


These pieces are simultaneously monumental and intimate. Monumental in their reference to anthropological ice, climate change, and the resulting shifting patterns of weather currents and intimate in their beauty of color resonance, translucence, patterning and reference to consciousness. 


​The Swarm series studies the patterns and movements of murmurations;  flocks of birds in migration, moving as a singular unit.


Climate Change

Anthropological textures


Cellular level imagery

The changing landscape

Migratory patterns

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